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Company profile

High-quality commercial residential investor

Vesteda is a Dutch residential investor that focuses primarily on the mid-rental segment. Vesteda invests funds for institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurers. As per 30 June 2019, Vesteda had invested a total of €7.9 billion in Dutch residential real estate. The company’s rental portfolio stood at a total of more than 28,000 residential units. Vesteda’s homes are mainly located in economically strong regions and core urban regions.

Key characteristics

Vesteda is internally managed, is cost-efficient and has in-house property management.
  • Broad institutional investor base with a long-term horizon
  • Attractive risk profile
  • Governance in accordance with best practice guidelines, including INREV, with the emphasis on transparency and alignment of interests
  • Limited use of leverage (target <30%)
  • Internally managed: no management fee structures and carried interest arrangements
Read more about Vesteda in the Vesteda Annual Report.

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