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Corporate Governance

Inside Vesteda corporate governance is in accordance with the best practice guidelines, with the emphasis on transparency and involvement.
Vesteda Residential Fund FGR is a fund for the joint account of the participants under dutch law. The fund is managed by the manager, Vesteda Investment Management B.V. The manager is responsible for the long-term strategy and the day-to-day management and administration of the fund and assets under management. The fund is supervised by a Supervisory Committee consisting of five members.

Legal structure

Vesteda Residential Fund FGR

Vesteda Residential Fund FGR is an unlisted mutual fund managed by Vesteda Investment Management B.V. Its objective is to create long-term value for investors. The fund is joined by taking an interest in the fund. The fund is transparent for tax purposes. For this reason, institutional investors can participate in Vesteda through an entity with its own legal and fiscal nature structured as they require. 

Vesteda Investment Management B.V. (manager)

The terms and conditions of the fund instruct the manager to manage the fund under the specified conditions. The manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations and implementation of strategy. The Managing Board and the staff are employed by the manager. 

Vesteda Finance B.V. and Vesteda Project Development B.V.

Vesteda Finance B.V. will undertake Vesteda’s financing activities on behalf of the fund. Vesteda Project Development B.V. is responsible for completing the projects in the pipeline.


The custodians are the legal owners of the property in the fund. The fund is the beneficial owner.