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Strategy and targets

Strategic objectives of Vesteda

  • Offering an attractive fund profile 
  • Optimal portfolio management 
  • Maintaining a professional and cost-effective organisation
  • Optimising total return

Mission statement and strategy

Vesteda is a reliable housing company offering good quality living for the entire residential lifecycle of its tenants.

The company focuses on the mid-rental segment and often has the potential to offer its tenants multiple options within their search area at a fair price.

Vesteda’s strategy is focused on the growth of its portfolio and improving its performance, resulting in increased returns and liquidity for its participants, together with satisfied tenants.

Vesteda’s ambition is to be the best performing residential core investment fund in the Netherlands.

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Read more about the strategy and targets of Vesteda in the Vesteda Annual Report.
Housing shortage in 2020 (as % of housing stock in 2015)
Source: Vesteda Jaarverslag 2015, Market Developments