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Vesteda has a long-term vision and strategy in which sustainability plays an important role.

Vesteda and Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility (CSSR)

Vesteda’s CSSR goals are linked directly with our business targets and are fully in line with our mission. Our CSSR plan is an integral part of our business plan and is therefore expressed in all our business operations. Vesteda is convinced that all our efforts on the CSSR front help us, both directly and indirectly, to strengthen, improve and enhance the (social) responsibility of our fund.

We have laid down our new CSSR goals in the CSSR plan. We have drawn up this plan in line with the ESG model - Environmental, Social, Governance: 

Goal 1. Environment – Improve our sustainable performance

This goal is an expression of our desire to continually improve our performance on the sustainability front. Sustainable performance helps Vesteda maintain an attractive fund profile. It also helps us to optimise returns. Our strategy is:
  • We invest to improve the energy performance of our buildings. By the end of 2020, no more than 20% of our homes will have energy label D. At least 80% of our homes will have energy label A, B or C.
  • We make sure that the construction of our new complexes and the maintenance of our existing buildings is sustainable and environment friendly. We also impose these requirements on our business partners and suppliers. 
  • We reduce our use of resources, and we minimise the negative impact of the resources we do use. We measure and manage our consumption of energy and resources and, whenever possible, that of our tenants.

Goal 2. Social – Engaged employees and socially engaged organisation

This goal is an expression of our ongoing efforts to increase awareness, participation and responsibility in the fields of  sustainability and CSSR. We want to promote the awareness and engagement of our employees in the achievement of our CSSR goals, as an integral part of our business goals. In addition, we want to further increase our social contribution to the communities we serve. Our strategy is:  
  • We integrate sustainability into every facet of our business. For instance, it is a fixed item on our management agenda and in our employee evaluations.  
  • We have a social plan, so that we can implement and further improve our activities on the social front on a structural basis. 

Goal 3. Governance – Responsible business and transparent organisation

This goal is an expression of our desire to meet the highest possible standards in how we report our CSSR-related  activities and the progress we make on the sustainability front. Our strategy is: 
  • We use GRI-G4 standards to report on our CSSR policy in our annual report. 
  • We are transparent on our progress on the sustainability front and report on this in a structured fashion.
  • We participate in an international benchmark (GRESB) and have managed to continually improve our score according to that benchmark. We see GRESB as a means, not an end in itself. 
Latest update: 04-04-2019

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The Vesteda Annual Report sets out the targets of the CSR policy along with the progress made.