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The stipulations of this disclaimer (hereafter known as ‘Disclaimer’) apply to the website and all websites that can be accessed from this site (collectively referred to as the ‘Website’) of the Vesteda. Vesteda has its head office at Claude Debussylaan 15, 1082 MC Amsterdam, The Netherlands, phone +31 (0)88-456 1666 . You are requested to read this Disclaimer carefully.

References to ‘Vesteda’, ‘we’, ‘the company’ or similar terms mean Vesteda as defined in the Legal structure. By visiting the Website and/or using the information provided on or via the website, you agree to the conditions stated in this Disclaimer. In the case of any inconsistencies between this Disclaimer and the conditions applying to specific products and services for which you register or take up via the website, the conditions covering these products and services will enjoy priority.

Use of the Website
You are solely responsible for any decisions that you may take on the basis of information provided on the website.

Although Vesteda makes every attempt to provide correct, complete and up-to-date information from sources believed to be reliable, Vesteda cannot offer, either explicitly or implicitly, any guarantee that the information provided on or via the website is correct, complete and/or up-to-date. Vesteda cannot guarantee that the website will function flawlessly or without interruption. 

Any use of the website that may impede the use of other internet users, that may jeopardize the functioning of the website and/or may corrupt the information provided via the Website or the supporting software is explicitly forbidden.

Credit check
Vesteda draws your attention to the fact that administering a new request for registration as a possible tenant may involve a credit check to assess whether or not Vesteda may incur any financial risk with this possible tenant. This process may involve actions such as a scrutiny of any (negative) experiences with payments in the past few years, for example.

Information from third parties, products and services
While Vesteda displays hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties, this does not entail that Vesteda can be held responsible for such websites. Vesteda cannot accept any responsibility or liability with regard to the content, use or availability of such websites. The authenticity, accuracy, reasonableness, reliability and completeness of the information provided on such websites have not been verified by Vesteda.

Intellectual copyright
Vesteda, or the copyright holder, retains all rights (including copyrights, domain names, brand copyright, patents and other rights covering intellectual ownership) with regard to all information provided on or via this website (including all texts, graphic material and logos). It is forbidden to copy or download any material that is provided on this website and to publicize, distribute or reproduce it in any way without prior written permission from Vesteda or without legal approval from the proprietor of the information. Nevertheless, you are allowed to print and/or download information provided on this website for your own personal use. 

It is not allowed to display links to Vesteda websites without prior written permission from Vesteda.

Online communication
Messages that you send to Vesteda via e-mail may not be secure. Accordingly, Vesteda advises against sending confidential information to Vesteda via e-mail. If you do decide to send messages to Vesteda via e-mail, you also accept the possibility that third parties may intercept, misuse or modify these messages.

Denial of liability
Vesteda and its subcontractors cannot accept any liability with regard to direct and/or indirect, immaterial or consequential damages, including any loss of earnings (even if Vesteda has been informed of the possibility of such damages), which may in any way issue from, but are not limited to (I) malfunctions, viruses or other shortcomings relating to hardware and/or software in connection with access to, or use of, this website, (II) the information that is provided on this website, (III) the interception, modification or improper use of information that is sent to Vesteda or to you, (IV) the operation or non-availability of this website, (V) misuse of this website, (VI) loss of data, (VII) the downloading or use of software that is made available via this website, or (VIII) claims from third parties in connection with the use of this website. 

The denial of liability also extends to the management and members of staff of Vesteda.

Vesteda reserves the right to refuse access to the Website to any user who, in Vesteda’s view, misuses the website or violates the conditions of use of the website. If necessary Vesteda will take the appropriate legal steps to protect its rights.

Applicable law
The Website and the Disclaimer are covered by Dutch law. Any differences or conflicts that may arise from this Disclaimer will be exclusively dealt with under Dutch law in the Netherlands.

If versions of this Disclaimer in languages other than Dutch display any discrepancies or lead to differences of interpretation, the version in the Dutch language will be decisive. 

Disputes clause
Vesteda is registered with the Geschillencommissie Informatiedienstaanbieders (Dispute Resolution Committee for Information Service Providers). Every offer made by Vesteda for the use of an information service is governed by the General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Paid Information Services.

Disputes between consumer and entrepreneur regarding the establishment and/or the implementation of the agreement involving the services to be provided by or already provided by the entrepreneur can be brought by the consumer as well as the entrepreneur before the Telecommunications Disputes Committee, Postbus 90600, 2509 LP The Hague.
  1. A dispute will be dealt with by the disputes committee only if the consumer has first presented the complaint to the entrepreneur in writing.
  2. Within 30 days after receiving the complaint, the entrepreneur will provide a substantive written response, unless this is not reasonably possible. In that case, the consumer will be informed in writing within 30 days of the period within which a written response will be provided.

Within 30 days after receiving the substantive response from the entrepreneur or, if applicable, within 30 days after the end of the period within which a response should have been provided in accordance with article B, the consumer may bring the dispute before the Telecommunications Disputes Committee.

If the consumer brings a dispute before the disputes committee, the entrepreneur is bound by the consumer’s decision to do so. If the entrepreneur wishes to bring a dispute before the disputes committee, he must ask the consumer in writing to indicate within five weeks whether he agrees to this. When doing so, the entrepreneur must specify that, after the end of the above-mentioned period, he will consider himself free to ask the courts for a decision.

The disputes committee will hand down a decision within the framework of the provisions set down in the regulations that apply to it. The regulations that apply to the disputes committee will be provided if requested. The decisions handed down by the disputes committee are binding on the parties concerned. A fee will be charged for dealing with a dispute.

Vesteda reserves the right to alter, at all times, any information provided on or via this website, including the text of this Disclaimer, without the obligation to announce the alterations in question. Accordingly, Vesteda advises periodic visitors to this website to check whether or not the information provided on or via this website, including the text of this Disclaimer, has been altered. 

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