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  • € 650 - € 1150


Adjacent to the shopping centre of the same name, the Groenhof complex consists of two identical gallery flats (Cirrus and Cumulus). Each building houses 110 apartments: 38 five-room units, 12 four-room units, 20 three-room units and 40 two-room units. With the exception of 60 of the type D two-room apartments, all have a bathroom with bath and closed kitchen (the other type D units have a shower and open kitchen). All apartments have a storage space in the basement. Each building has two lifts. We also offer private parking / storage spaces for 150 euro per month , for more information please send an email to




  • 1972 Building year

  • 10 Number of floors

  • € 650 - € 1150 pricerange

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