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About us

At home with Vesteda

Over ons

Welcome to Vesteda, a trusted housing investor and landlord with a social and sustainable mission.
Our investors are primarily Dutch pension funds and insurers, who use their returns to provide current and future pension and insurance benefits to nearly 5 million Dutch citizens.

At home with Vesteda is our payoff. We offer middle-income tenants affordable, sustainable and comfortable homes in a safe and pleasant living environment.
By adding new construction, we contribute to solving the housing shortage, focusing on areas where the housing shortage is greatest.
At the same time, we ensure that our existing homes are well maintained and, where necessary, renovated and made more sustainable.

We are proud that since 1998, with almost 28,000 homes, we have been able to offer many tenants in the Netherlands an affordable home. Whether you are a young family, a professional or retired, at Vesteda you will find a place where you really feel at home.

In brief

Astrid Schlüter

'We offer affordable and quality rental housing to middle-income people. With special agreements and priority rules with various municipalities, we contribute to the flow in the housing market'.

Our mission