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We invest in mid-market rental homes

mid-market rental homes

We rent out around 28,000 homes in the Netherlands and focus on middle-income tenants.

The average rent for our homes is € 1,000 per month. Every year, we invest heavily in renovating our older homes and making them more sustainable, enabling residents to reduce their energy consumption. We also invest in new-build homes; each year we add about 1,200 new mid-market rental homes to the total number of homes in the Netherlands.

Priority for keyworkers

Vesteda is committed to helping key workers find affordable housing in their own preferred city.

Information regarding keyworkers

Property project de Aker, Amsterdam

Many people struggle to find affordable housing in Amsterdam. Among Amsterdam's house hunters are many key workers: teachers, care workers and police officers.

Because of their profession, it is important that they can live near their workplace. We would like to help them find affordable housing in their own city.

For this reason we are starting a pilot.

In 2022, all key workers will have priority in securing affordable housing in the Middenveldse Akerpolder in Amsterdam Nieuw West.