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Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions and answers in one overview!

Frequently asked questions

We gathered the most frequently asked questions and their answers for you.

How can I pay the monthly rent?

With direct debit, it is easy to pay the correct rent each month on time without having to think about it.

You receive an authorization form with your rental contract. Or just log into My Vesteda (NL) and do this online.


How can I request a repair?

You can request a repair for non-urgent matters via My Vesteda.

For urgent malfunctions, call 088 456 16 56 (key 2).

For very urgent malfunctions, you can go to our Disruptions Reporting Line on the above telephone number outside of our office hours.

log into my vesteda (NL)

Malfunctions and repairs

How can I contact Vesteda regarding an urgent matter?

We can be contacted by phone for urgent matters 24 hours a day.

Call us at +31(0)88 456 16 56 (key 2).

Examples of urgent matters are serious leaks, a lack of hot water, broken heating or a malfunctioning elevator.

call us now

How do I submit a request for major maintenance?

Does the outside of your property need painting, does the kitchen need replacing, or is the roof leaking? Submit your request quickly and easily via My Vesteda.

Log into My Vesteda (NL)

How can I request a repair?

You can request a repair for non-urgent matters via My Vesteda.

For urgent malfunctions, call 088 456 16 56 (key 2).

For very urgent malfunctions, you can go to our Disruptions Reporting Line on the above telephone number outside of our office hours.

log into my vesteda (NL)

I’d like to make changes to my home myself. Is this permitted?

If you want to drill holes in the wall to hang up curtains or replace the toilet seat, you don’t need to ask permission to make minor changes to the property.

However if you want to make major changes, you require written permission to do so. This includes installing a new kitchen or bathroom, installing new inner walls or doors, or laying a laminate floor.

Want to read more about making changes to your rental property? Open the brochure "Guide to renting" via My Vesteda (NL).

Want to submit a request to make changes to your home? Do this online via My Vesteda (NL).

Log into My Vesteda (NL)

Who can I contact if I have questions or repair requests concerning communal areas?

If you are a tenant and have a question about maintenance, or if you would like to submit a repair request for the communal space, you can do so via My Vesteda. Vesteda will pass on the repair request to the maintenance services of the Owners’ Association.

Log into My Vesteda (NL)

What charges can you expect from Vesteda?

Administration charge
Administrative charges – rental home agreement € 113.74 including VAT
Administrative charge – rental parking agreement € 35.00 including VAT

Change nameplate
Does your building have nameplates by the mailboxes? The costs of the first nameplate once you occupy the property are for the account of Vesteda. Would you like to change your nameplate later? If so, the change of the nameplate will be for your own account. You can request the change of the nameplate through the online dashboard My Vesteda under the repair/disturbances block.

Keys -Tag - Pass
In the event of losing a key, parking tag or parking card, you can request a new one through the online dashboard of My Vesteda. In case of theft of your keys, parking tag or parking card, we ask you to enclose an official statement issued by the local police department as an attachment. A new key, tag or card will be issued upon receipt. Would you like to order an additional key, tag or card? Please indicate as much detail as possible through My Vesteda what you would like to order. We will contact you as soon as possible to make the arrangements.

Vesteda charges the following fee’s for both theft and loss:

Home and storage unit - non-certificated key €35,-
Home and storage unit - certificated key €45,-
Parking - pass/card €80,-
Parking - key €45,-
Parking garage box - transmitter €110,-
Parking hand transmitter, issued by Q-park €160,-
Electronic key, also known as E-Key €80,-
DPI key €45,-
General entrance door / bicycle shed €45,-
General entrance door / front door €45,-
General entrance door / electronic €45,-
Security cylindrical with diverter key €45,-
Electronic key / teardrop €45,-

Only 1 pass/tag is issued per parking space.

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My rent & contract

I'd like to add a co-tenant to my rental contract. How can I arrange this?

Planning to live together with your partner? Submit a request via Mijn Vesteda to add him or her to the contract. See what documents are required to apply for co-tenancy. In the case of marriage or registered partnership, your partner is automatically considered to be the co-tenant. You only have to send us his or her details. Different rules apply for housing-sharers not in a relationship.

Log into My Vesteda (NL)

I will be moving out but my current co-tenant wants to continue renting the property. What should I do?

When one of the tenants remains in the property, you can submit a request for unilateral termination of the rent. Both tenants need to sign this request. We will then assess the details of the tenant wishing to stay. We will need a copy of a form of identification and three payslips. If our assessment shows that the remaining tenant is able to pay the rent, we will amend the rental contract.

Log into My Vesteda (NL)

How should I inform you that my marriage or registered partnership has ended?

Getting a divorce or ending a registered partnership?

Please submit a request to change your rental contract via My Vesteda or call us directly at +31 (0)88 456 16 56.

Log into My Vesteda (NL)

I need to inform you that my partner has passed away. How should I do this?

First of all, we would like to offer our condolences on the loss of your partner or loved one. We wish you much strength during this difficult time.

Has your partner passed away? Would you please inform us via My Vesteda? Then we will be aware of your loss and we will adjust our administration. This also prevents that we send mail or e-mails to your deceased partner of loved one.

  • If your partner was the main tenant and you are listed as a co-tenant on the tenancy agreement, then contractually you will automatically become the main tenant.
  • If you were the main tenant and your partner was a co-tenant, then you remain the main tenant. Your partner's name will lapse by operation of law in the amended lease.

Has another loved one died? There are several ways to terminate the lease.

  • If your loved one was the only tenant, then the lease will be terminated via notice after one month. You can easily terminate the lease through the My Vesteda online customer portal.
  • If you do not have access to your deceased loved one's personal My Vesteda account, you can also terminate the lease via email or registered mail. You can send the form on this page to and by registered mail to: Vesteda, PO Box 75675, 1070 AR AMSTERDAM. Include the address of the property from which you wish to terminate the lease, your contact information (or the information of another contact person), the termination date (subject to one month's notice) and your signature. Do you also want to include a copy of the Deed of Death?
  • If the lease is not terminated, it ends by operation of law at the end of the second full calendar month after the death.

Any heirs assume all rights and obligations from the lease. If there are no heirs or if the inheritance is accepted or rejected, then the lease ends by operation of law at the end of the second full calendar month after death. The contents are then temporarily stored so that the property can be re-rented.

Form Lease Termination

How can I pay the monthly rent?

With direct debit, it is easy to pay the correct rent each month on time without having to think about it.

You receive an authorization form with your rental contract. Or just log into My Vesteda (NL) and do this online.


Would you as a relative like to assist with the termination of the rental agreement?

You can easily cancel the rental contract with via the online customer portal My Vesteda. Does the tenant not have access to My Vesteda? You can also cancel the rent in writing by sending the cancellation by registered mail to:
P.O. Box 75675

You can also send an e-mail to:
Please include in your e-mail: your current address, your future address, your contact information, the desired termination date and your signature.

If you are with two persons on the rental contract, we need two signatures to process your request.

I want to get a landlord statement. How do I apply for one?

Does your new landlord ask for a landlord statement?

You can request this statement quickly and easily via My Vesteda.
Log in and click on the contact block.  Create a new contact request and then select ‘tenancy agreement’ and then select ' request landlord statement'. We will gladly provide it!

Where can I find the authorisation form if I cannot attend the final inspection myself?

After your notice of termination has been processed by a Vesteda employee, you will receive an e-mail confirming the termination and an authorisation form for the final inspection.

How exactly does internal relocation work, given that current tenants get priority? Do they have to go through the same process through HurenbijVesteda?

You can create an account and respond to the homes you wish to view. You can then send an e-mail to so that Vesteda can review your priority request.

What is the WOZ value of my property?

Want to know the WOZ value of your rental property? Then check the WOZ-waardeloket website.

With the WOZ-waardeloket you can consult the WOZ-value of your own propery.

The municipality sets the WOZ value and is responsible for it. Therefore, if you have questions about the value, please contact your municipality or the partnership that handles the WOZ assessments for your municipality.

Check out you WOZ-value (only in dutch)

Rent increase 2023

We gathered the most frequently askes questions and their answers about the rent increase

What is the maximum rent increase in 2024 and when will I receive it?

We only increase the rent of your house once every 12 months. This is regulated by law. In the case of a renewed tenancy agreement or after renovation, the rent may be increased within the first 12 months of the tenancy agreement.

Regulated rental contracts

For 2024, we have set the rent increase for regulated leases at a maximum of 4%. There will be no income-related rent increase. We must inform our tenants at least two months before the rent increase takes effect on July 1. So this year you will receive a notice before May 1.

Liberalized rental contracts

The rents of our deregulated rental contracts will be increased by a maximum of 4% this year. To determine the exact inflation rate, the consumer price index (CPI) of March is used, as published by the CBS. This is the change in inflation from March in the current year to March in the previous year, unless a different period (e.g., February-February) is included in the lease for determining the inflation rate. For February, the CPI is set at 2.8%.

If you have a deregulated rental agreement then we are not required to send a rent increase letter. However, we would like to give our tenants timely and accurate information about the rent increase. We inform our tenants with a deregulated rental agreement at least one month before the rent increase on July 1. So this year, you will receive a notice before June 1.

What should be included in a notice of rent increase?

In the case of a regulated rental contract, we must send you a rent increase proposal at least two months before the effective date of the rent increase. You should therefore have received this proposal no later than 30 April if the rent increase takes effect on 1 July.

The letter of the rent increase should contain the following subjects:

  • commencement date of the rent increase
  • Current and new basic rent
  • percentage or amount by which the rent is to be increased
  • whether an income-dependent rent increase applies (including an income indication from the Tax and Customs Administration)
  • how you can lodge an objection.

Other conditions for rent increase:

  • the rent may not exceed the maximum rent according to the point system as a result of the rent increase
  • the rent may not be increased if the Rent Commission has temporarily reduced the rent due to maintenance defects
  • the rent may not be increased if prior to the commencement date of the rent increase a request for a rent reduction has been submitted to the Rent Commission on the grounds of maintenance defects.

In the case of a deregulated lease, there are no requirements for a possible rent increase letter.

Does Vesteda have an income-dependent rent increases this year?

This year there is no income-dependent rent increase. This means that we do not request income data from the tax authorities.

Why do I get a different rent increase than my neighbours?

A difference in rent between comparable dwellings can arise due to a difference in the effective date of the rental contract or the type of rental contract (regulated or liberalised).

The annual rent increase is mainly determined by the market rent. The market rent is determined on the basis of:

  • Market analysis based on market developments
  • Competitive analysis based on comparable houses/complexes
  • Age, mutation rate and vacancy of residences (in the complex)
  • Maintenance, finishing and location of residences
  • Affordability

The margin between the contract rent and the market rent determines the extent to which the rent can be increased. Within this space, we obviously adhere to the legal and contractual agreements.

What happens if you submit an objection to the rent increase?

If we uphold your objection, you will receive an amended proposal. If we declare your objection unfounded, we will explain in writing why we have rejected your objection.
If you accept this, you can still withdraw your objection in writing. You can do so before August 1, 2024.
If you wish to maintain your objection, we will send your objection to the Rent Commission within six weeks after July 1, 2024 and ask them to give a ruling. Of course we will inform you of this.

When do I have a regulated or liberalized rental contract?

The commencement date of the rental contract and the associated (bare/basic) rent determines whether a residence is regulated or liberalised. You can find this information in your rental contract. In case of a regulated rental contract, maximum rental prices have been set by the government. There is also a maximum annual rent increase.

If, at the start of the rental agreement, the rent was lower than the liberalisation threshold, the property is in the regulated sector. For more information and requirements, please visit

You have a rental home in the free sector or a liberalised rental contract if the initial rental price of the home was higher than the liberalisation threshold.

As of January 1, 2024, the liberalization threshold was increased to € 879.66 per month.



How do you adjust your rent payment, if the rent is increased?

If you use a direct debit, we will automatically adjust the monthly amount. If you have a standing order with your bank, then we kindly request you to adjust the amount as of 1-7-2024. If you would still like to authorize Vesteda for a direct debit, you can easily arrange this on the website

Log into my vesteda (nl)

Will Vesteda apply a special policy for pensioners in 2024?

In 2022, retired tenants could make use of a coupon scheme under specific conditions. With this, we wanted to prevent tenants, whose pensions were not indexed in that year, from being unable to support themselves due to extreme inflation.

As in 2023, Vesteda will not apply a coupon scheme for retired tenants in 2024, as pensions have been indexed in recent years.

Moving into your residence

Your responsibility as a new tenant

Am I responsable for organizing my own service provider for water, gas and electricity?

As a new tenant, you are responsible for organizing your own service provider for water, gas, and electricity. When we handover the residence to you, you will receive a report containing the meter readings. If you use district heating or a geothermal system, then register with the relevant service  provider.

How can I arrange television, internet and telephone in my residence?

You can sign a service contract for TV, Internet, and a landline with a service provider in your area.

If you want to install a satellite dish Request permission from Vesteda before installing a satellite dish. You can submit your request via My Vesteda – the online portal that helps you to organize all your rental matters in a simple and quick way. If you are granted permission, please keep in mind that you cannot install the dish on the exterior of your building or  complex.

The satellite must be installed loose in the garden or on the  balcony.

Are there any compulsary insurance policies?

As a Vesteda tenant, you are required to take a third party insurance and a home contents insurance at an insurance company of your choice. This obligation is included in the General Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when signing the rental agreement.

Third party insurance covers any damages that you might cause to other tenants. This includes issues such as water damage caused by your washing machine.
A home contents insurance covers damage to your personal household contents such as floor covers, furniture, and AV equipment as a result of break-ins, storms, fire, and other causes. We recommend taking out a comprehensive home contents insurance. For instance, damages caused by leaks are not always covered by a regular home contents insurance.

When do I need to register at my new municipality?

As a new resident, you are required to register at your new municipality. This needs to be done as soon as possible after signing your rental agreement and within five working days of moving. This means that other organizations and authorities are also informed about your move. When you register your new address, you are automatically deregistered from your old address. You can find more information on the municipality website or at the municipal Civil Affairs desk.

Where can I find more information about the energy label?

All information about the energy label of homes, appliances and cars can be found on a special website. You can check your label here.

read more at (NL)

What is an Owners’ Association?

Vesteda sells apartments in certain complexes. In these situations, Vesteda is not the only owner in the building. A complex that comprises tenants and home-owners is also called a ‘mixed complex’.

As soon as a building has multiple owners, an Owners’ Association has to be set up. Each owner automatically becomes a member of the Owners’ Association. All apartment owners are jointly responsible for the maintenance and management of the communal areas in the building.

An Owners’ Association is entitled to set house rules. These rules apply to all the tenants and owners in a single residential building. These include rules regarding pets, or how to deal with household waste. While it is not compulsory to set house rules, they are a practical way of ensuring that everybody abides by the same rules.

If you are a Vesteda tenant and if you have any further questions about maintenance, or if you would like to submit a repair request for the communal space, please do so via My Vesteda. We will pass on the request to the maintenance services of the Owners’ Association.

Service costs

What are the service costs of my property?

Service costs are costs that are added to the basic rent of a property. The service charges must be clearly separated from the basic rent in the rental contract. Service costs may only be charged if this is agreed beforehand between the tenant and Vesteda and laid down in the rental contract. Service costs include among others the following costs:

Communal area

- Electricity

- Electricity Cleaning

- Housekeeping

- Lighting

- Heating system

The following costs are for the tenants own account

- Electricity

- Heating system

- Water supply

With each new rental contract for a single-family residence, you also pay service charges. These service charges relate to, among other things: the malfunction maintenance of your central heating system, sewer unblocking or for the maintenance of a communal garden.

We try to make the service settlement as clear as possible, but we can imagine that you still have questions about it. On this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the service costs settlement.

I have received a service settlement, but I have already paid?

Each month you pay an advance on the service costs and each year you receive a service settlement from Vesteda for the previous calendar year.

Vesteda states on the settlement what you have paid in advance and what the final service charges were. This way you can check whether the costs have been calculated correctly and whether there is anything to settle. Sometimes you get money back and sometimes you have to pay extra. Good to know is that you always end up paying for the actual cost, the advance is always settled.

What costs do I have to pay?

In the service settlement, each type of cost that is charged is listed separately. The service settlement also states what your share in the total service costs of the complex is. A specification of your advance payment can be found on

Why do I get an overview from Ista or Techem with my settlement?

You receive an overview because the meters in your home are managed by Ista or Techem. The usage in your home is registered on the basis of these meters. It is an overview of your personal usage. On the basis of the total usage in your complex, the required resident details and the total costs (energy costs) of the complex to be divided, an individual settlement is made for each resident.

I have moved, will I still receive a service settlement?

If the lease expires, for example, by moving, you will receive a service settlement for the part of the year you rented from Vesteda, according to normal procedure, after the calendar year in which the contract is expired.

My monthly advance payment is adjusted. Why is that?

We do not want you to pay too much in advance. But we also do not want you to have to pay extra at the end of the year. Therefore we estimate the costs as well as possible and adjust the advance payment if necessary. This way, you will not be confronted with unpleasant surprises.

If your advance payment is adjusted, we will send you a message.

Does everyone receive a settlement for service and/or heating charges?

Everyone who pays a monthly advance for service costs receives an annual service settlement. The annual service charge statement will be sent via e-mail. Only if we do not have your e-mail address will you continue to receive the annual statement by mail . The statement with the specification of your advance payment can also be found on

What are the administration costs on my service settlement?

We charge an administration fee for drawing up the service settlement. The minimum administration fee is € 7.50 per settlement per unit.

My question about the service costs is not listed. What should I do?

If your question about service costs is not listed, please ask your question via or by sending an e-mail to

Where in the account can the digital settlement of the service costs be found?

Where in the account can the digital settlement of the service costs be found?

You can find it at >correspondence>received documents.

Solar panels

Can I apply for Zonneplan solar panels through Vesteda?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Within 5 years we want to equip all our of our houses with solar panels. Currently we are conducting research into which homes could be eligible for this and when. This depends on the location, the condition of the roof and the maintenance planning.

How can I get solar panels at Vesteda?

There are three ways to get solar panels at Vesteda:

  • Your home is on our renovation and maintenance schedule. This means we are looking to install solar panels on your building very soon.
  • We openly offer free solar panels in your area, in partnership with Zonneplan. If your area is covered, we will let you know by letter. We don’t accept requests to include other areas in this. We aim to install solar panels on all our houses within ten years. Each year, we announce which homes are eligible for this.
  • You can have solar panels installed yourself by letting us know through My Vesteda. If we approve this, you can then purchase and install solar panels yourself. Maintenance will then be entirely at your own expense.
Which neighbourhoods will receive an offer for free solar panels from Vesteda in 2024?

Where possible, we want to provide our single-family homes with solar panels within 5 years. We work together with Zonneplan. We regularly report on our website which new complexes are eligible for this.

In 2024, at least the following complexes will be equipped with free solar panels. This planning is subject to technical and ecological research.

  • Julianapark, Amsterdam
  • Fluitekruid I, Abcoude
  • De Drie Bouwmeesters, Amsterdam
  • Kattenbroek Eiland, Amersfoort
  • Braspenningstraat, Alkmaar
  • Literatuurwijk, Almere
  • Korianderweg, Almere
  • Kruidenwijk II, Almere
  • Parkwijk, Almere
  • Doelen en Louvre, Capelle aan den Ijssel
  • Colmschate I en II, Deventer
  • Picushof, Eindhoven
  • Poelmanstraat, Heemskerk
  • Mommersdonk, Helmond
  • Ringvaartplasbuurt II, Rotterdam
  • Zevenkamp, Rotterdam
  • Secretaris Versteeglaan, Vleuten

These complexes have been selected by us in coordination with Zonneplan. Tenants will be informed about this by letter. It is not possible to register your home for this.

I want to install solar panels myself, is that possible?

Yes, you can apply to have solar panels installed yourself
through My Vesteda. Go to ‘Contact’ and create a new contact, choose ‘gehuurde’ (rented) and then ‘zelf aangebrachte voorziening’ (self-installation).
We want to install solar panels on all suitable homes over the next ten years. But if you want to have solar panels installed earlier, you can do this by covering the costs and maintenance yourself.

Log into My Vesteda

Log in My Vesteda

I have a problem with my Vesteda solar panels, what can I do?

You can only report a malfunction if you have had your solar panels installed by Vesteda. Did you have your solar panels installed yourself? Then you are also responsible for the maintenance and we cannot assist you further.

You can report your malfunction quickly and easily through My Vesteda.

Log in My Vesteda