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Maintenance and renovations

A well-maintained property that meets all your requirements helps you feel at home. We’ll be happy to share the responsibility for this, together with you as tenant.

Who does what?

Vesteda is responsible for any major maintenance activities, such as repairs to roofs, replacement of kitchen components, or outdoor paintwork. Tenants are responsible for minor jobs, such as replacing a broken doorbell or unblocking drains. Together, we can ensure you have a great home to live in.

Want to read more about the tenant’s role in home maintenance? And about who pays which costs?

Frequently asked questions

about major and minor property maintenance

How can I contact Vesteda regarding an urgent matter?

We can be contacted by phone for urgent matters 24 hours a day.

Call us at +31(0)88 456 16 56 (key 2).

Examples of urgent matters are serious leaks, a lack of hot water, broken heating or a malfunctioning elevator.

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How can I request a repair?

You can request a repair for non-urgent matters via My Vesteda.

For urgent malfunctions, call 088 456 16 56 (key 2).

For very urgent malfunctions, you can go to our Disruptions Reporting Line on the above telephone number outside of our office hours.

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How do I submit a request for major maintenance?

Does the outside of your property need painting, does the kitchen need replacing, or is the roof leaking? Submit your request quickly and easily via My Vesteda.

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I’d like to make changes to my home myself. Is this permitted?

If you want to drill holes in the wall to hang up curtains or replace the toilet seat, you don’t need to ask permission to make minor changes to the property.

However if you want to make major changes, you require written permission to do so. This includes installing a new kitchen or bathroom, installing new inner walls or doors, or laying a laminate floor.

Want to read more about making changes to your rental property? Open the brochure "Guide to renting" via My Vesteda (NL).

Want to submit a request to make changes to your home? Do this online via My Vesteda (NL).

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