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I’d like to change my rental contract

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Changes to your personal situation, such as cohabitation, marriage, divorce, or death, require changes to be made to your rental agreement. Select your reason below and take care of it immediately via My Vesteda (NL).

4 reasons to change your rental contract

Select the reason that applies to you and take care of it directly via My Vesteda.

I'd like to add a co-tenant to my rental contract. How can I arrange this?

Planning to live together with your partner? Submit a request to add him or her to the contract. In the case of marriage or registered partnership, your partner is automatically considered to be the co-tenant. You only have to send us his or her details. Different rules apply for housing-sharers not in a relationship.

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I will be moving out but my current co-tenant wants to continue renting the property. What should I do?

When one of the tenants remains in the property, you can submit a request for unilateral termination of the rent. Both tenants need to sign this request. We will then assess the details of the tenant wishing to stay. We will need a copy of a form of identification, three payslips, and a GBA extract (municipal personal records database). If our assessment shows that the remaining tenant is able to pay the rent, we will amend the rental contract.

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How should I inform you that my marriage or registered partnership has ended?

Getting a divorce or ending a registered partnership?

Please submit a request to change your rental contract via My Vesteda or call us directly at +31 (0)88 456 16 56.

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I need to inform you that my partner has passed away. How should I do this?

First of all, we would like to offer our condolences on the loss of your partner or loved one. We wish you much strength during this difficult time.

Has your partner passed away? Would you please inform us via My Vesteda? Then we will be aware of your loss and we will adjust our administration. This also prevents that we send mail or e-mails to your deceased partner of loved one.

  • If your partner was the main tenant and you are listed as a co-tenant on the tenancy agreement, then contractually you will automatically become the main tenant.
  • If you were the main tenant and your partner was a co-tenant, then you remain the main tenant. Your partner's name will lapse by operation of law in the amended lease.

Has another loved one died? There are several ways to terminate the lease.

  • If your loved one was the only tenant, then the lease will be terminated via notice after one month. You can easily terminate the lease through the My Vesteda online customer portal. If you do not have access to your deceased loved one's personal My Vesteda account, you can also terminate the lease via email or registered mail. You can send the notice to and by registered mail to: Vesteda, PO Box 75675, 1070 AR AMSTERDAM. Include the address of the property from which you wish to terminate the lease, your contact information (or the information of another contact person), the termination date (subject to one month's notice) and your signature. Do you also want to include a copy of the Deed of Death?
  • If the lease is not terminated, it ends by operation of law at the end of the second full calendar month after the death.

Any heirs assume all rights and obligations from the lease. If there are no heirs or if the inheritance is accepted or rejected, then the lease ends by operation of law at the end of the second full calendar month after death. The contents are then temporarily stored so that the property can be re-rented.

Has your partner or beloved one passed away? We are sorry for your loss and wish you a lot of strength in this difficult period. We will change the rental contract for you.

If your partner or beloved one was the primary tenant, you will now become the new primary tenant. If you yourself are the primary tenant, we will change the contract so that it is solely in your name. In case your partner was the only tenant, the rental contract will be cancelled.

Please submit a request to change your rental contract via My Vesteda or call us directly at +31 (0)88 456 16 56.

Do you want to terminate the rental contract?

Are you unable to terminate your rental contract via My Vesteda or is there no availability to schedule an inspection at all?

Please send an e-mail to
Please include in your e-mail: your current address, your future address, your contact information, the desired termination date and your signature.

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