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Tailor made solutions

For an affordable home

Tailor made solutions

We believe that a free-sector rental property should be and remain affordable to you.

Therefore, a good match between your housing needs, your budget and the amount of rent is important.

In addition to our income requirements, you can use the Nibud rent guide to gain insight into the amount of rent you can spend to remain in a healthy financial situation.

There is currently a huge scarcity on the housing market in The Netherlands. Many people have difficulty finding affordable housing. Vesteda tries to help as many people as possible in their search for an affordable home. We offer various tailor-made solutions.

Frequently asked questions

About tailor made solutions

What are your rental conditions?

Would you like to rent a home from Vesteda? Then you must at least meet our rental conditions and income requirements.

Vesteda uses terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement. Take a look at our terms and conditions for more information.

More information about the income criteria you will find here.

How does Vesteda calculate this income requirement?

With every rental property on our site, you can see under the heading "Can I rent this property?" what your minimum gross income must be to rent the property. These are our income requirements.

To determine the income requirement per home, we use the table below:

Monthly rentNumber of tenantsGross monthly income
€700 - €1,00014 x the monthly rent
€700 - €1,00024.5 x the monthly rent
more than €1,00013.5 x the montly rent
more than €1,00024 x the monthly rent

Please find below a calculation example:

Suppose you want to rent a property with a monthly rent of € 746.


  • Do you want to rent the property on your own? Then you must earn at least € 746 x 4 = € 2,984 gross per month.
  • Do you have a partner? Then you must jointly earn at least € 746 x 4.5 = € 3,357 gross per month to qualify for this property.
I am in salaried employment. Which requirements should I satisfy?

Your monthly salary is your gross salary excluding holiday pay and bonuses. The gross salary must be based on the fixed working hours as set out in your employment contract. Structural variable remuneration over the last 12 months may be added to you gross salary.

If you have a temporary employment contract, we will ask you to send us an employer’s statement. 
The employment period must be ensured for a minimum of 6 months with the intention of being continued.