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Important information for housing-sharers

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Housing sharers

We rent out several apartments with 2 bedrooms to housing sharers

You will be renting a property from Vesteda as housing-sharers. We hope you will feel at home with us for a long time. As we would like you to continue feeling confident about renting from us in future, we would like to inform you of the following:

Sign together, terminate together!

Sign a tenancy agreement together, also terminate the tenancy agreement together!

You rent the home with 2 persons for the minimum rental period of 12 months. This means that a termination has to be done by both tenants. Changing roommates in between is herefore not permitted during the rental period of 12 months. The current agreement is terminated - modification is not possible.
Should one of the tenants wishes to rent a home again, please read below which steps to take.

If one of the tenants wishes to terminate the contract

Log into My Vesteda (NL)

If one of you wishes to terminate the tenancy agreement, you must submit a request for unilateral termination through your online dashboard in My Vesteda. Both tenants must sign this request.

We will ask the tenant who has decided to remain in the home to provide additional information via so that Vesteda can determine the request and check if it meets our rental requirements and income conditions. If the tenant is found suitable to pay the rent by him-or herself, we can deregister the other tenant.

If the tenant is unable to pay the rent, we can deregister the other tenant. If the other tenant is unable to pay the rent, both tenants have to terminate the rental agreement.

More information?

We'd be pleased to help you!

You’ll find more information about terminating the tenancy contract and all related matters at My Vesteda and on our website. If you have any questions or comments for Vesteda, please send an e-mail to

Sharing a home in Amsterdam?

Renting an apartment on your own is often unaffordable in Amsterdam. By sharing an apartment with a good friend or colleague this becomes possible!

Sharing offers in Amsterdam


We rent out several apartments with 2 bedrooms to housing sharers

Can I rent a property together with my spouse?

If you can demonstrate that you run a joint household on a long-term basis with your partner, you are eligible to rent as a couple. Both your names will be mentioned on the rental contract. In this case, you can combine both of your incomes to calculate your maximum rent.

House sharing
You can share an appartment with two bedrooms with another person such as a friend or colleague. We call this ‘house-sharing’. 

I’m a student. Can I rent an accommodation from Vesteda?

We do not rent out homes to students, not even if they are sponsored by their parents. If you are not a student and want to share a home please check out the information.

How does Vesteda calculate this income requirement?

With every rental property on our site, you can see under the heading "Can I rent this property?" what your minimum gross income must be to rent the property. These are our income requirements.

To determine the income requirement per home, we use the table below:

Monthly rentNumber of tenantsGross monthly income
€700 - €1,00014 x the monthly rent
€700 - €1,00024.5 x the monthly rent
more than €1,00013.5 x the montly rent
more than €1,00024 x the monthly rent

Please find below a calculation example:

Suppose you want to rent a property with a monthly rent of € 746.


  • Do you want to rent the property on your own? Then you must earn at least € 746 x 4 = € 2,984 gross per month.
  • Do you have a partner? Then you must jointly earn at least € 746 x 4.5 = € 3,357 gross per month to qualify for this property.