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Priority for key workers

Priority for key workers

Vesteda is committed to helping people with a social profession, a.k.a. key workers, find affordable housing in their own preferred city. We believe it is important for people with social professions, such as nurses, teachers, police officers and firefighters to remain within the city. We do our best to help prospective tenants with these key professions find affordable rental housing.

Who are keyworkers?

You will be given priority if you have a permanent contract or annual contract for at least 28 hours and key worker status:

• In health care as: a licensed nurse, caregiver who is a residential supervisor, family coach or youth manager, supervisor for the disabled, doctor, pharmacist or surgery assistant, general practitioner or nurse anaesthetist.

• As a licensed teacher in primary or secondary (including special) education.

• As a police officer who is operational in one of the ten regional units, the central unit, the police academy, police services centre, or national dispatch centre.

• As a firefighter who is operational in the Dutch Fire Service, such as a regional fire station.

A private sector rental property must be and remain affordable for people seen as key workers. So a good match between your housing needs, your budget and the rental price is important.

Good news: you may include your irregular working hours allowance in your monthly income.

Please note that we calculate on the basis of an annual average. Read a detailed explanation of our income requirements on our website.



Register for an available home in De Aker through our website. Request a viewing and submit the requested documents. Such as a permanent employment contract or a temporary contract of at least 28 hours a week for a minimum of 1 year. Of course all other (income) criteria for these houses must also be met. These criteria are listed in the advertisement of the house on our website and in our rental conditions. It is unfortunately not possible for existing tenants to propose their own potential tenants for these properties.

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Interested in a rental apartment in the Aker? View the current housing offer and register online.

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Frequently asked questions

Priority for key workers

What conditions must I meet to rent a home from Vesteda?

Have you found a great home on our website? Then of course you want to qualify for it. But it is important that you meet our rental conditions and income requirements.

Take a look at our rental conditions .
Read all about our income requirements.
Also take a look at our general conditions. These can be found in the ‘Guide to renting’ brochure.

If you satisfy all conditions, this ensures us that we have good tenants, and that our tenants have good neighbours.

I have requested a viewing but I haven't heard anything. How come?

We need a maximum of 10 working days to process your viewing request. You will receive a reply from us within these 10 working days.

I work in health care for 16 hours a week. Do I qualify for a house in the Aker in Amsterdam?

You must meet our income requirements. These criteria are listed in the advertisement of the house on our website and in our rental conditions. In addition, if you have a temporary contract for at least 1 year, you must work at least 28 hours per week.

What happens if keyworkers do not apply for an available home in the Aker in Amsterdam?

If no viewing request for an available and affordable house in Midden Akerveldsepolder is submitted by a keyworker within 72 hours, the house will be offered among other interested tenants. We do not operate a waiting list, so then in this case assigning a property by drawing lots is the fairest way to go.

How do I qualify for priority housing in De Aker in Amsterdam?

If you find an available home on our website, you register for it through our website and submit a viewing request.

In addition, you will send a separate e-mail to In it you indicate that you are interested in a property and that you want to make use of the priority arrangement for key workers.

In your e-mail, please include your name, your current address and the address of the property of your choice, the name of your employer and the position you are employed in. Of course, it is very important to respond quickly as only a limited number of homes are available each time.

In which streets of the Midden Akerveldsepolder does Vesteda rent homes?

We rent homes in A.J. Koejemansstraat, Bonhoeffersingel, Geertruida van Lierstraat, Irawan Soejonostraat, Jacob Paffstraat, Letelierstraat, M. Gandhilaan, Marianellastraat, Romerostraat, Rudi Bloemgartensingel, Sandinostraat, Trijn Hullemanlaan and Willy la Croixstraat.