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Senior housing

for people over 50, 55 and 65 years of age

Senior housing options

Carefree, comfortable and safe living with all conveniences within easy reach. Vesteda offers various senior housing options for people over 50,  55 and people over 65 years of age.

Below is an overview of the various projects in The Netherlands. View the project by clicking on the link and search through the current housing offerings or use the filter options.

Frequently asked questions

about renting an apartment

How does Vesteda calculate this income requirement?

With every rental property on our site, you can see under the heading "Can I rent this property?" what your minimum gross income must be to rent the property. These are our income requirements.

To determine the income requirement per home, we use the table below:

Monthly rentNumber of tenantsGross monthly income
€700 - €1,00014 x the monthly rent
€700 - €1,00024.5 x the monthly rent
more than €1,00013.5 x the montly rent
more than €1,00024 x the monthly rent

Please find below a calculation example:

Suppose you want to rent a property with a monthly rent of € 746.


  • Do you want to rent the property on your own? Then you must earn at least € 746 x 4 = € 2,984 gross per month.
  • Do you have a partner? Then you must jointly earn at least € 746 x 4.5 = € 3,357 gross per month to qualify for this property.
I am retired. What income requirements do I need to meet?

You will see the question ‘Can I rent this property?’ in the listing for every rental property on our website. Here you can see how high your minimum income must be to rent that property. Do you want to know if your income is sufficient for a Vesteda rental home? Calculate your gross income by adding 30% to your available monthly income.

How can I view a property?

If you want to take a look at one of our properties, register for free via our website. We select the most suitable candidate from all the applications we receive for a property. Tip: When registering, fill in your property file as completely as possible.

Would you like to be kept informed about Vesteda’s offering of homes? Register for free and create an account. This will allow us to keep you informed about the latest homes on offer, for instance by e-mail.

Register for free ( NL)

What are your rental conditions?

Would you like to rent a home from Vesteda? Then you must at least meet our rental conditions and income requirements.

Vesteda uses terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement. Take a look at our terms and conditions for more information.

More information about the income criteria you will find here.