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Debt investors

Funding profile

Over the last years, Vesteda has significantly transformed its funding profile to a well-diversified fully unsecured funding structure, consisting of a combination of bank debt, private placements and public bonds.

Standard & Poor's rating

The unsecured debt profile allows Vesteda to secure debt funding through various debt markets at any point in time. In May 2022 Vesteda's credit rating by Standard & Poor's was reconfirmed at “A-“ with a stable outlook.




Financing strategy

Our financing strategy is substantiated by seven funding targets:

  1. Leverage of ≤ 30%
  2. Total fixed-rate and hedged floating rate exposure of ≥ 70%
  3. Weighted average maturity of > four years
  4. Diversified funding profile, with ≥ three funding sources
  5. Sufficient liquidity headroom to refinance short-term debt (including maturing bonds and private placements), finance committed pipeline, and to accommodate redemption requests (Redemption Available Cash) according to the terms and conditions
  6. Well-balanced maturity calendar with < 35% maturing in a single year
  7. Asset encumbrance of < 15%

Facts and figures

Below you will find the key figures of our portfolio as at 31 December 2021.

Contact us

For questions, please contact our Treasury department.