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Equity investors


Vesteda is an investment fund for the joint account of the participants. Investors can join the fund by taking an interest in the fund. The fund is transparent for tax purposes. For this reason, participants can participate in Vesteda through an entity with its own legal and tax structure. Participants join or leave the fund via the fund manager: Vesteda Investment Management B.V. The rights and obligations of the Manager, the Supervisory Committee and the participants are set out in the general terms and conditions of the fund.

Vesteda Investor Presentation FY 2021

Broad institutional investor base

Vesteda has a broad institutional investor base with 19 participants, consisting mainly of pension funds and insurance companies. We create liquidity for our investors by bringing together a broad group of institutional investors with a long-term horizon. We also pursue an active Investor Relations policy. The core of our value creation model is our mission: to make our stakeholders feel at home at Vesteda. This means for our investors that we want to offer an attractive risk-return profile.

Key characteristics

  • Single fund manager
  • Internally managed: no management fee structures and carried interest arrangements
  • In-house property management
  • Attractive risk profile
  • Low leverage (target <30%); S&P credit rating A-
  • Governance in accordance with best practice guidelines, including INREV, with the emphasis on transparency and alignment of interests
  • GRESB five-star rating (the highest)


  • Tenant satisfaction score of at least 7.0
  • Ensure that 99% of our portfolio has green energy labels (A, B or C) by 2024
  • Outperform the three-year MSCI IPD Netherlands Residential Benchmark

Contact IR

For questions, please contact the Investor Relations department.

Ronald Beemsterboer

Head of Investor Relations

Soshana Damen

Investor Relations Officer