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Focus on the quality of living

At home with Vesteda

Vesteda invests in homes for middle-income tenants. We want tenants to truly enjoy renting a home from Vesteda for their entire lives. Our rental properties are mainly located in economically strong areas and metropolitan regions.

Our ambition is to be the best landlord in the Netherlands. Our aim is for tenants to feel at home with Vesteda. We are well aware of the fact that affordability is under pressure for many households and we have therefore chosen to cap our annual rent increases.

In addition to affordability, the quality and sustainability of our homes are also important factors. As are innovations that help to keep maintenance costs and housing costs as low as possible. These are all factors that have a major impact on people’s enjoyment of their homes.

In short, our policy means:

  • A lifetime of enjoyable renting from Vesteda for anyone who is looking for an affordable high-quality home in the mid-rental segment;
  • A varied portfolio of homes in and around all small and large cities in the Netherlands;