Are you thinking about buying property? Vesteda sells new apartments and family homes out off own project Development. Look left for the offers on our new apartments and houses (V.O.N.). Vesteda also sells vacant rental properties via various agents all over the Netherlands. Those offers are available on Funda (

Direct debit

Opt for the convenience of direct debit. 

The easiest way to pay

Direct debit allows you to pay your monthly rent easily, on time and always the right amount. How do you do that?

  1. Click on the button below to download the mandate form.
    Machtigingsformulier openen
  2. Type in the missing details.
    N.B.: please complete one form for each item rented (home, parking space or garage box).
  3. Print out the form.
  4. Sign the form.
  5. Scan or photograph the form and send it by e-mail to

Mandate form

You can also send the form  to:
Department Collections
P.O. box 75675
Once your mandate form has been processed, the rent will be automatically debited from your account. After your mandate has been received, it will take about two weeks to process. In the unlikely event that you do not agree with a debit, you can have this refunded. To do this, please contact your bank within eight weeks of the debit. Ask your bank for the conditions.