Are you thinking about buying property? Vesteda sells new apartments and family homes out off own project Development. Look left for the offers on our new apartments and houses (V.O.N.). Vesteda also sells vacant rental properties via various agents all over the Netherlands. Those offers are available on Funda (

A different Vesteda residence?

Vesteda lets high-quality residential units throughout the Netherlands, in the major cities and surrounding areas. New homes and apartments are regularly being built. Are you considering moving?


If you are interested in looking at other Vesteda residential units in your location or in a different city, check out the “residential search” section of this website and tell us about your specific interests.

Finding other Vesteda residential unit?

Vesteda is keen to retain you as a client. If you have rented your present home for at least one year, to the satisfaction of both parties, you can register your interest for a different unit. In that case, you should contact your Woongalerie and request a registration form for tenants (movers). After we receive your form, we will be happy to see what we can do for you.


Vesteda uses a database of potential candidates. In doing so, it actively searches for future tenants whose profile and residential preferences provide an optimum match with the available residence. We therefore do not use registration lists with criteria such as length of time on the waiting list or other commonly used point systems.


The Vesteda income criteria and the required match between a potential tenant and the search profile formulated by Vesteda for the specific residential unit or project also apply to movers. Here again, the aim is to ensure that the quality of life for the entire complex is optimised.