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Changing my rental agreement

If your personal situation changes, such as through marriage, cohabitation, divorce, or death, it is important to adjust your rental agreement. Below you will find a number of forms which you can use to inform Vesteda of the change in your situation.

Request to be primary tenant

If the primary tenant and co-tenant cease cohabiting, it is possible that the primary tenant chooses to move out (unilateral termination) and the co-tenant wishes to stay in the residence. In this case, the co-tenant can submit a request to be made primary tenant.

Request to be co-tenant

If you enter into cohabitation with someone, that person can submit a request to be co-tenant.

Request to be co-tenant because of marriage or registered partnership

In the case of marriage or registered partnership, the partner is automatically considered to be the co-tenant. The rental agreement does not need to be altered in this case. You do need to provide Vesteda with the personal information of your spouse or partner.

Divorce/dissolution of registered partnership

Please inform Vesteda if you divorce or dissolve your registered partnership. In this case you must submit a request to change the rental agreement because of divorce/dissolution of registered partnership.

Death of partner

It is important that you inform Vesteda if your partner has died. If the primary tenant has died, the law states that the co-tenant automatically becomes the contractual primary tenant. If the co-tenant has died, the law states that his/her name must be removed from the contract.


Should you have any questions regarding changing your rental agreement, please contact us by sending your question via Mijn Vesteda.