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Terminating my rental agreement

Are you or your co-tenant planning to move, or has there been a death in your household? There are many details to arrange in this case. First of all, you must terminate your rental agreement in writing. In response, Vesteda will contact you to schedule an initial and final inspection.
Please note that the minimum notice period is one calendar month. Notice
can be given - and will commence - on any weekday of the month concerned.

Termination because of moving

If you are planning to move and you would like to terminate the rental agreement, please inform Vesteda of this in a timely manner. If one of the tenants is remaining in the residence, please see under 'unilateral termination by primary tenant or co-tenant'.

Unilateral termination by primary tenant or co-tenant

If either the primary tenant or the co-tenant wishes to remain in the residence, the partner moving out must unilaterally terminate the rental agreement. That tenant will then be removed from the rental agreement.
Please note that if you are changing the rental agreement because of a divorce or dissolution of a registered partnership or the death of your partner, you must use one of the following forms: 'request to change rental agreement because of divorce/dissolution of registered partnership' or 'request to change rental agreement because of death of partner'.

Termination because of death

When a single tenant dies, the next of kin must terminate the rental agreement.
Please note that if the partner of the deceased remains in the residence, the 'request to change rental agreement because of death of partner' form must be used.

Initial and final inspections upon termination

The purpose of the initial and final inspections is to determine whether the residence has been surrendered correctly. If this is not the case, costs may be incurred on the part of the tenant.


Should you have any questions regarding the termination of your rental agreement, please contact your Vesteda woongalerie.