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Energy savings

Vesteda attaches an increasing degree of importance to sustainability. The choices we make in our day-to-day activities should also take into account the effects on the environment and the people around us. Accordingly, in carrying out maintenance activities, there is also an increasing focus on energy savings and therefore also cost savings.

Customised advice

Via your behaviour, you can also exert a significant influence on your energy costs. The degree to which the effect of your behaviour becomes immediately apparent also depends upon whether your residence has its own meter for energy consumption. By dealing with your energy related issues more intelligently, you can save hundreds of euros on average per year. We recommend that you visit the Milieu Centraal (only in Dutch) online site, where you can find a variety of tips.

Independent comparison

Besides implementing measures in your residence, you can also save a great deal by entering into an effective energy contract with an energy supplier. To help you in this regard, we would like to draw your attention to a company by the name of EasySwitch (only in Dutch). Their independent online site makes it possible for you to easily switch to a different energy supplier.

Milieu Centraal

To realise savings quickly and easily

  • Set the thermostat 1° lower, and you will reduce your heating costs by 7%.
  • Turn down the thermostat an hour before going to bed.
  • Reduce your shower time by two minutes.
  • Replace the standard shower head by an energy-efficient model.
  • The dryer consumes a great deal of energy, so it's better to hang the laundry up to dry outside when the weather is good.
  • Turn off the power to your TV, computer and other devices instead of simply putting them on standby.
  • If your radiator is installed against an outside wall, attach radiator foil behind the radiator.
    Set the dishwasher/washing machine to as low a temperature as possible.
  • Disconnect chargers from the power plug when not in use.
  • Set the washing machine to 30° instead of 60° (this can reduce your electrical power consumption by a factor of three).
  • Thaw the deep freezer unit on a regular basis.