Are you thinking about buying property? Vesteda sells new apartments and family homes out off own project Development. Look left for the offers on our new apartments and houses (V.O.N.). Vesteda also sells vacant rental properties via various agents all over the Netherlands. Those offers are available on Funda (

Repairs and maintenance

Do you have any questions about maintenance of the house and garden or do you want to make some changes yourself?
Do you want to report a repair or malfunction? 
Please log on Mijn Vesteda (only in Dutch).

Emergencies: round-the-clock service

For emergencies, we are available 24 hours a day. Examples of emergencies include a breakdown in the hot water supply or central heating system, leakages, or a shared lift which no longer works.

Telephone 088 456 16 56

No emergency: repair requests at Mijn Vesteda

Regular maintenance, a broken light in the general area, cracked outdoor paint work or a loose tile are all annoying, but do not require immediate action.

For non-emergency repairs please go to Mijn Vesteda.