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Service costs

Vesteda would like to give you a brief explanation of a few issues relating to the service costs.
Service costs are costs in addition to the basic rent. The service costs must be clearly separated from the basic rent listed in the lease. Service costs can only be charged if agreed in advance between the tenant and Vesteda and agreed and set out in the lease. The service costs include, but are not limited to, the following costs:

  • costs for the use of power and water;
  • fee for use of furniture carpeting/curtains;
  • other agreed costs such as cleaning of common areas, costs of concierge or maintenance of common garden.

Content of service cost statement

Each month you pay an advance on the service costs, and each year you will receive an annual statement for service costs over the preceding calendar year. The service cost statement will list each cost type being charged to you individually in the statement, and will also indicate your share in the total service costs of the complex. On the statement, Vesteda will indicate how much you have paid in advances and what the ultimate service costs were. This will allow you to check whether the costs have been calculated correctly and whether there is any outstanding amount to be settled, either in your or in Vesteda’s favour. Whenever the lease ends (for example, if you move), after the calendar year in which your lease ends you will receive a service cost bill for the portion of the year that you rented from Vesteda in accordance with the normal billing procedure.

What is an apportionment formula?

Many service costs pertain to multiple units. Vesteda divides the total costs across the individual units using a mathematical formula, or 'apportionment formula'. Vesteda agrees on the method of apportioning the service costs with the tenant at the start of the lease.

Period for drafting service cost statement

Vesteda has until 1 July of the following year to provide you with the service bill. There is no penalty to the lessor if this bill is provided later. Likewise, if the bill is provided later, this does not mean that you do not have to pay any additional amounts.

Change of monthly advance on service costs

In many cases, along with the service cost statement Vesteda will propose a change of the monthly advance. In the period around the annual rent indexation, the increase will be carried forward to 1 August to avoid misunderstandings on the amounts of rent and service costs to be paid to Vesteda. Over the course of the year, the lessor may not increase the advance amount at its own initiative, although you may request the lessor to change the amount of the advance if you suspect it is too low.

Disagreements on service costs statement

If you do not agree with the service cost statement, you can raise your disagreement with Vesteda via Mijn Vesteda.  If this does not resolve the matter, you can take the matter to the rent assessment committee. Please be aware that a dispute must be submitted to the rent assessment committee within two years after the billing period.
If you have a liberalised lease, you cannot submit disputes on service costs to the rent assessment committee, but can only take the dispute to court.

Administration fees

Vesteda may charge tenants administration fees for calculating and drafting the service costs statement. The rent assessment committee considers the following fees reasonable:

  • heating costs (costs of gas use): max. 2% of the total amount (incl. any applicable VAT)
  • other costs: max. 5% of the total amount (incl. any applicable VAT)


If Vesteda has outsourced the apportionment of the heating costs to a specialised firm, then the rent assessment committee considers the following fees reasonable: max. 1% of the total amount (incl. any applicable VAT). The minimum fee that the lessor may charge for administrative activities is €7.50.

Questions about service costs?

If the foregoing does not provide you with the information you are looking for, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions list pertaining to the service costs.  More relevant information about service costs can also be found on