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Tenants’ Association Platform

Vesteda attaches great importance to meeting with you on a regular basis to discuss matters. For this reason, and also at the initiative of the Dutch Residents’ Union, the Vesteda Platform, which is the umbrella association for the various Vesteda tenants’ organisations, was established in 2000. This association, which represents the interests of all Vesteda tenants, is based in Utrecht and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Vesteda Platform represents your interests

The goal of the Vesteda Platform is to represent the interests of all the Vesteda tenants’ organisations in general and the individual Vesteda tenants in particular. It does so primarily by providing and exchanging information. Vesteda informs the association about topics relevant to its housing portfolio as a whole. For its part, the association informs Vesteda about policy and management matters in general. The topics discussed during consultations between Vesteda and the Platform association include housing maintenance policy, home rentals, rental price policy, and policy with regard to service costs, turnover, new construction activity, participations etc.
The Platform executive committee consists of seven representatives from Vesteda tenants’ organisations from all over the country. On average, two meetings are held each year.