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Submitting a complaint

Vesteda attaches a great deal of importance to the quality of the service it supplies to its clients, and we do our utmost to assist our tenants as quickly and effectively as possible. Nevertheless, you may still be dissatisfied or have a complaint, for example related to excessive noise from the neighbours or the surroundings, maintenance activities in and around your residence, or one of our employees.

Annoyed by your neighbours?

It's always better to first talk things over with each other in an effort to resolve it together. If this does not resolve the problem, please inform us accordingly. We will then evaluate how we can best resolve the matter. You can submit a complaint via Mijn Vesteda.

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Tenants’ Association

Vesteda has an umbrella association for the various Vesteda tenants’ organisations, named the Vesteda Platform. This association aims to represent the interests of all the Vesteda tenants’ organisations in general as well as the interests of individual Vesteda tenants in particular.