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Frequently asked questions

View our top 5 of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Is your question not listed? Scroll down for our contact details.

How can I request a repair?

You can request a repair for non-urgent matters via My Vesteda.

For urgent malfunctions, call 088 456 16 56 (key 2).

For very urgent malfunctions, you can go to our Disruptions Reporting Line on the above telephone number outside of our office hours.

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How should I inform you that my marriage or registered partnership has ended?

Getting a divorce or ending a registered partnership?

Please submit a request to change your rental contract via My Vesteda or call us directly at +31 (0)88 456 16 56.

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I will be moving out but my current co-tenant wants to continue renting the property. What should I do?

When one of the tenants remains in the property, you can submit a request for unilateral termination of the rent. Both tenants need to sign this request. We will then assess the details of the tenant wishing to stay. We will need a copy of a form of identification, three payslips, and a GBA extract (municipal personal records database). If our assessment shows that the remaining tenant is able to pay the rent, we will amend the rental contract.

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How can I pay the monthly rent?

With direct debit, it is easy to pay the correct rent each month on time without having to think about it.

You receive an authorization form with your rental contract. Or just log into My Vesteda (NL) and do this online.


Can I rent an additional parking space or garage box?

Do you need an additional parking space and/or garage box? Vesteda rents out parking spaces and garage boxes in various locations in the Netherlands. Send an e-mail to and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.

Other questions and answers

Is your question not listed in our top 5? View the list of all frequently asked questions and answers for tenants or scroll down for our contact information.

Frequently asked questions

Searching for a home; frequently asked questions

View our top 5 of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

How are the income requirements calculated?

With every rental property on our site, you can see under the heading "Can I rent this property?" what your minimum gross income must be to rent the property. These are our income requirements.

They are calculated as follows:

Monthly rentNumber of tenantsGross monthly income
€700 - €1,00014 x the monthly rent
€700 - €1,00024.5 x the monthly rent
more than €1,00013.5 x the montly rent
more than €1,00024 x the monthly rent

Suppose you want to rent a home with a monthly rent of € 746. 

  • If you want to rent the house by yourself, your gross monthly income has to be at least € 746 x 4 = € 2,984.
  • Together with your partner your gross monthly income has to be at least € 746 x 4.5 = € 3,357 to be eligible for this home.
How do I register for a Vesteda rental home?

Registering for a Vesteda rental home is easily done online. Find the property that suits you and follow the steps you see when you click on 'register'.

Good to know before you register: Vesteda has income requirements. These can be found on the page of the property that you are viewing. If you do not meet the income requirements, you are unfortunately not eligible for the home. You will then automatically receive a rejection by e-mail.

Read more about our income requirements

    1. Search the website for your ideal home using the search bar and the search filters. View the specific property information, such as the photos, the floor plan, the specific characteristics, rent and income conditions.
    2. Select the property (or properties) of your preference and register for free by clicking the register button. You can also opt for the save option and continue searching in the range.
    3. Create your free search profile on the Renting at Vesteda website and complete your housing requirements and personal details. In a secure environment, you enter your other details, change your preferences and request your viewing. In this environment we guide you step by step to your new home.

Unit search

How can I view a property?

Want to have a look at one of our properties? Register via our website free of charge. We will select the most suitable candidate from the registrations that we receive for a property. We therefore advise you to complete your application file as much as possible when registering.

Would you like to be kept up-to-date on the properties available from Vesteda? Register for free and create an account.  

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I want to view a property. Which documents must I provide?

Are you registered with us and have you received a message that you can view a property? Then we ask you  to deliver a number of documents to us. These documents serve to verify your income and identity.

View the terms and conditions to be able to view a property well prepared and perhaps rent it!

Terms And Conditions Of The Tenancy Agreement

What is the minimum rental period?

You rent a Vesteda property for a minimum of one year. The minimum notice period is one month.

Other questions and answers

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Read all frequently asked questions about renting a home at Vesteda.

Frequently asked questions

Urgent matter? Call us at +31(0)88-456 16 56

Is there a leak, does the heating not work, or is the lift broken? You can contact us by phone for urgent matters 24 hours a day.

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Contact us directly

Couldn't find the information you were looking for? We are glad to help you out. Contact us directly.

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On working days we are available by phone between 8.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. for urgent matters.

Call us at +31 (0)88 - 456 16 56

* The waiting time is longer than you are used to from us. Thank you for your patience.*

Are you a tenant?  Then ask your question via My Vesteda.
Your question will go directly to the right department.

Do you have a repair request? Report it via Mijn Vesteda.

Is there a leak, does the heating not work, or is the lift broken? We can be contacted by phone for urgent matters 24 hours a day.

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Send us an e-mail

Are you looking for a property and do you have a question?
Find your answer in the frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed?

Our e-mail address is
We will try to answer your e-mail within 10 working days.

Do you have a question about your rental home or contract?
Please take a look at the frequently asked questions or log into My Vesteda (NL) and ask your question.

Problems logging in to My Vesteda?
Send an e-mail with your question, your telephone number and you address  to

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Our postal address is Postbus 75675, 1070 AR AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS.

We will try to process your mail within 10 working days.