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Integrity Report

Reporting inproper behaviour

We are committed to ensuring that our employees, suppliers and other external relations act with professionalism and integrity. Our employees therefore sign our internal Code of Conduct annually.

Report inproper behaviour

It is possible that as an external relation, for example as a supplier or as a tenant, you may have a suspicion or indication of improper behavior in your contact with one of our employees.

If you wish to discuss this with us or report it to us, please contact our compliance officer.

If you prefer to report anonymously, please contact SpeakUp. You can make an anonymous report by phone at +31 10 70 07 503 or by using the website.

You can gain access by using the code 103454.

These reporting channels are explicitly not intended to make any complaint about our rental policy or property management process. Such reports will not be processed.
For this, please contact our rental department at