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Good to know

General conditions for registration

If you wish to register with us and/or apply for a home, you must meet the general conditions for registration, which are summarised below.
  1. Registration forms that are not completely filled in will not be dealt with.
  2. The gross monthly income of the applicant must meet the income criteria. If the income is considered to be insufficient, the applicant has the opportunity to supply verbal information on other available financial resources by means of which the rent can be paid. If this is the case, we request you to inform us of this fact. 
  3. Registration requests may be refused at all times without the obligation to supply a reason. 
  4. Twelve months after the registration date, this registration will be regarded as having expired unless, before the end of this period, the undersigned requests a prolongation of the registration. Vesteda destroys all expired registration forms. 
  5. The data supplied by the applicant are stored in a personal dossier and are treated strictly confidentially, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. 
  6. The first rent invoice must be paid before the rented accommodation is handed over to the tenant. In addition, the tenancy contract must also have been signed. 
  7. A once-only payment of € 113,74 including VAT is payable by every new tenant when entering into a rental agreement to cover administration and contract costs. This payment will be charged once the rental agreement has been signed. If a planned contract signing appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours beforehand, the administration and contract costs will still be charged. 
  8. Employees with a permanent contract have to pay a deposit of 1 month rent. If you are an independent entrepreneur a deposit for 3 months will be required. The requested deposit may differ as a result of the submitted documents;
  9. Your registration may involve a credit check by Vesteda. This check may involve an examination of any (negative) history of payment in the past few years. In addition, we will consult the registry of the National Association for Reporting Undesirable Tenant Behaviour. The results will be included in the evaluation of relevant financial and/or social risk factors.
  10. Vesteda gathers and processes data on customers and visitors to this website to aid its business operations, to draw attention to and make available products and services that you may find interesting, and to develop web statistics. The information you provide will be used to make contact with you if required, to inform you of any changes in the functionality of the website for example, or to offer any services that you might appreciate (unless you have indicated that you do not wish to receive any service offers). In the framework of quality assurance, you may be approached by a research bureau for research purposes. In this context, Vesteda makes use of a research bureau that strictly adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act and the ESOMAR code. Within such activities, the research bureau never provides personal data to Vesteda.