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Things you should know

Renting in five steps

Step 1 - Income standard


 Number of main   
Required gross income 
per month 
€700 - €1000  4 x the rent 
€700 - €1000 2 4.5 x the rent
from €1000  1 3.5 x the rent
from €1000 2 4 x the rent
Which rental price suits your income?
-> For rents up to € 1000: The maximum rent is the (joint) gross monthly income, divided by 4 for 1 tenant or divided by 4.5 for 2 tenants.

-> For rents from € 1000: The maximum rent is the (joint) gross monthly income, divided by 3.5 for 1 tenant or divided by 4 for 2 tenants.

If you're in salaried employment
Your monthly salary is your gross salary excluding holiday pay and bonuses. In some cases, variable allowances, such as irregular hours allowance or danger exposure surchargey, may be included in the
calculation of your income. This will be assessed by Vesteda. Your continued employment must be guaranteed for at least six months, with an intention to continue thereafter. The gross salary must be based on fixed working hours that are set out in an employment contract.

We may contact your employer to check your employer’s statement. If necessary, the employer’s statement may be sent to your employer for verification purposes.

If you're a sole trader/self-employed
Divide your average net pre-tax annual profits over the last two years by 24 to derive your gross monthly income. Self-employed persons will normally have to provide a security deposit equivalent to
three months' rent.

If you're retired
Take your available monthly income from your state pension and other pensions and add 30%. This amount will be your qualifying income for the tenancy.

If you have any extra sources of income
If you have assets, then you may add 10% of the assets divided by twelve to your gross monthly income. If you receive spousal maintenance, you can add this to your gross monthly income. Child alimony may not be added to your gross monthly income.

If you're renting with a partner
If you can demonstrate long-term cohabitation with your partner, you can rent as a couple. This means you can combine both your incomes for the purposes of calculating your maximum rent. House-sharing is only permitted in complexes specifically designated for this purpose.

We do not rent housing to students or tenants sponsored by third parties.