Are you thinking about buying property? Vesteda sells new apartments and family homes out off own project Development. Look left for the offers on our new apartments and houses (V.O.N.). Vesteda also sells vacant rental properties via various agents all over the Netherlands. Those offers are available on Funda (

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This website provides information on all the residential units rented out as well as all the units available. If you wish to rent, or to visit a unit at no obligation whatsoever or are otherwise interested, then select the residential unit(s) of interest and register online. We will call you within 24 hours to go over the registration process with you, to inform you about status and availability and, if requested, to schedule a visit to the residence in question or to a model unit or to a Vesteda office.

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If you have already registered and have a specific question in mind or wish to speak to a rental agent for any other reason, then please visit the Vesteda Woongalerie in your area. The relevant addresses are listed below.

Vesteda woongalerie Amsterdam

Vesteda woongalerie Arnhem

Vesteda woongalerie Eindhoven

Vesteda woongalerie Haaglanden

Vesteda woongalerie Maastricht

Vesteda woongalerie Rotterdam

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