Are you thinking about buying property? Vesteda sells new apartments and family homes out off own project Development. Look left for the offers on our new apartments and houses (V.O.N.). Vesteda also sells vacant rental properties via various agents all over the Netherlands. Those offers are available on Funda (

Purchasing or renting?

The advantages of renting

Buying a house is no longer a guaranteed investment in the future. Vesteda, which offers upmarket residential units for rent, provides you with an attractive alternative. Renting is a great idea.

The advantages of renting in short

  • no maintenance and associated costs
  • very flexible (after the first year, a one-month period of notice)¬†
  • no home insurance needed
  • no risk related to a possible drop in the value of the house
  • the possibility of cashing in on the value of your own house and putting the money to good use in some other way

The extra advantages provided by Vesteda

for everyone

  • living in good locations¬†
  • call centre available for maintenance and emergencies, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • renting from a reliable corporation which is a market leader in the Netherlands
  • direct contact with the letter and not via an intermediary

for residents in our top segment

  • top locations in the cities
  • striking qualities in terms of architecture and design
  • high quality of furnishings and finishing in and around the residence
  • often combined with facilities in the area of comfort, sport and relaxation