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Why Vesteda?

Great quality of life

Quality-of-life is becoming increasingly important. It's not about quantity but about quality. It's not about the number of cars in the garage or the size of the front and back garden. It's more about the quality of the conversations we have with our good friends, the brisk morning walk to the nearby organic market, and the simple enjoyment of seeing the most recent film or theatre performance in the neighbourhood.
The Netherlands is changing, and so are the people living there. More space is becoming available for “joie de vivre” and for “dolce far niente” in our modern but very busy lives.
At Vesteda, the largest housing based investment fund in the Netherlands, we fully appreciate this. Perhaps it's because of our Southern temperament. More likely, it's because of our inner wellspring - our passion for building and creating enjoyable spaces for people to live in.
Vesteda operates on the basis of a clearly defined philosophy. Roughly 28,000 rental units, designed and located throughout the Netherlands, are witnesses to this philosophy. And our investments in our surroundings, in architecture, and interior design are clearly profitable. Visit us to find out more about “the good life.”
It all starts with the choice of location. We are continually looking for top locations - that particular plot of land alongside the river, that area in the heart of the city, or that particular skyline. We don't cut costs when it comes to location.
Of course, it's also about the quality of the buildings we invest in. It's about aesthetics and functionality, space and light. The architecture must also do justice to a special location. So it's only logical that we also work with special architects who have demonstrated vision as well as talent: leading architects such as Wiel Arets, Jo Coenen, Bob van Reeth, Hubert-Jan Henket, Francine Houben and Álvaro Siza. 

 But a well-designed contemporary building in the right location is not the end of the story. The immediate surroundings - your new neighbourhood - are just as important. Trees and grass, light, fresh air, and water are just as important as glass, steel, wood and bricks.
The quality-of-life concept also extends beyond the residence itself. This is evident from the many extras and services available. When it comes to fitness, for example, this can come in the form of in-house swimming pools, lounges, shopping services, guest facilities, medical services etc.
Our focus on the “good life” means that, at Vesteda, you will not be aiming for the cheapest segment of the market. But if your focus is also on quality-of-life and enjoying life, you will be pleasantly surprised by a visit to a Vesteda Woongalerie in your vicinity. At Vesteda, it's all about quality.

Your new home?

Why Vesteda?