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Why Vesteda?

Satisfied tenants

Since 1997, Vesteda has been engaged in an ongoing effort to measure the level of customer satisfaction. To that end, 16,500 surveys have been processed and analysed. The conclusion is simple: our tenants are satisfied in relation to their residence and living environment.

Satisfied with the residence

Vesteda tenants are satisfied with their housing situation. The average rating given to the residence has been 7.4 for quite some years. According to the tenants, the most important aspects related to the residence are the price/quality ratio, the “peace and quiet” index in the complex, and the size of the residence.

Satisfied with its surroundings

The residential environment scores an average of 7.3. In particular, the accessibility (public transport and car) and the services/facilities available score highly. Tenants attach a great deal of importance to the overall image, the ambience, places of entertainment and “quiet and relaxation” around the home.

Your new home?

Why Vesteda?