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Clarissenhof 54 Vianen

Het Monnikenhof
  • € 926,-
    Price p.m.
  • 1
  • 95 m²
    Square meters


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Building year
Unit type
Single family

An affordable new home

  • € 3704,- per month

    Single gross income per month

  • € 4167,- per month

    Double gross income per month

Everything you want to kow about this unit

Are you looking for a new rental house to move into in the short term? You will probably feel at home in this single-family home. The property has, among other things, three bedrooms, complete kitchen and a fully furnished bathroom. Do you need extra space for storing your belongings? This property comes with its own storage room! In short: this rental property in Vianen is a great home!




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Available from
Currently available