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Koningspagestraat 11 Rosmalen

  • € 1175,-
    Price p.m.
  • 3
  • 121 m²
    Square meters


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Currently available
Building year
Unit type
Single family

An affordable new home

  • € 4112,- per month

    Single gross income per month

  • € 4700,- per month

    Double gross income per month

Everything you want to kow about this unit

Are you looking for a great single-family home to move into in the short term? This single-family home might be just what you are looking for. The property has, among other things, three bedrooms, complete kitchen and a fully furnished bathroom. The storage room offers a convenient way for storing your belongings. Register for this rental property in Rosmalen free of charge and this may soon be your new home!




This property can be rented soon. Register for free and create your account in a secure environment. Upload the requested documents and we will gladly take you through the further rental process.

Available from
Currently available

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