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Voorburg houses for rent

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Rental houses in Voorburg

If you’re looking to live in a charming area on the outskirts of The Hague, then historic Voorburg is the place for you. This ancient, leafy town has everything you need. Find the apartment or house that’s right for you and feel completely at home here.Historic town, right next to The Hague, surrounded by greenery.

Projects in Voorburg

Vesteda offers a variety of rental homes in Voorburg. Are you searching for a different location? Or do you want to explore other possibilities? View our current listings, select the home(s) you like and subscribe for free.

  • Distelweide



    0 houses
    € 1300 - € 1500
  • Appelgaarde



    0 houses
    € 1250 - € 1450

Living in Voorburg


Homes for rent in Voorburg

We have several homes for rent in Voorburg. View them all and find your new home. You can select multiple homes and subscribe for them at once if you like. Subscribe now, it’s totally free!