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Projects & partnerships

Team Acquisitions & Development

“ Every transaction is the best reason to team up for the next transaction.”

What collaboration with Vesteda means for you:

  • A clear proposal or clearly substantiated rejection within a matter of days
  • A small, enterprising team of professionals that remains your point of contact through to delivery
  • Pleasant and professional processes, with the same in-house professionals at the table, who improve your project and ours
  • Added value in the design process thanks to our many years of residential expertise and unique in-house property management
  • Attention for both your interests and ours, and a continuous search for the solution to make it work
  • The same level attention devoted to both smaller and large transactions, in the interest of our tenants
  • Competitive prices and realisation without external (bank) financing



“Because of the short communication lines and mutual clear objectives enable us to act decisively with Vesteda. Vesteda's long-term vision of its real estate investments is reflected in the relational atmosphere. Continuity of cooperation is held in high esteem, and that fits in well with the method of cooperation that we as Heijmans advocate".